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Welcome to BearskinNeck.Net

Join us everyday as we highlight life on Cape Ann. We enjoy sharing our love of the area including photos, videos, food, shopping and so much more.

Christine Cohen, M.Ed.

Christine grew up along the shores of Rockport at the beautiful Rocky Shores Inn & Cottages. The pulse of Rockport is in her blood and understands this dynamic small community. Using her old school business techniques and current online marketing tools, Christine can connect community in a thoughtful and dynamic way. Today Christine shares her love of Rockport with you.

Bonnie Fernald Bowes

Bonnie grew up on the North Shore along the beautiful Parker River where her family had a popular marina. She didn’t know you could actually drive to Rockport, she had always visited by boat! Bonnie’s eye for design is key in social media. With 25 years of experience in Marketing and Communications, Bonnie brings huge value to the story of Cape Ann and beyond.

Contributing Members

Rich – Rich is a native Rockporter, who now calls Las Vegas home. He provides all the technical know how to make our networks hum. He is an essential part of our team! See his work at www.webedelic.com.

Pictured Above (Clockwise): Christine posting on BearskinNeck.net in front of Motif No.1, Bonnie exploring Loblolly Cove, Christine and her family outside Rocky Shores Inn